Thursday, September 26, 2013

Order for Girls!

Placing an order for girls who...

Love and believe in the Lord,
Have a desire to win the lost,
Have a ready smile and a cheerful heart,
Are respectful,
Have a joyful spirit,
Know how to stand tall and work hard,
Are diligent and productive,
Are trained in how to run a house and raise kids,
Know how to cook good, healthy, homemade food (and lots of it!),
Are interested in having a family, maybe even a big one,
Just might be looking for some tall, handsome, godly young man to walk through life with.

My boys with be in the market for lovely ladies beginning in about 10 years and I figure it is as good a time as ever to let young ladies know what type of woman they may be looking for when that time comes!

I know this may seem silly and may have made you laugh a bit, which is the main goal :-),  but, honestly, I was thinking about it a couple days ago as we were eating dinner and realized once again how very important it is to be praying for my children’s spouses! It is not something to take lightly or leave to chance. We often talk with our boys and our daughter about the type of person they may look for as a potential spouse and these are some of the things we recommend our boys keep in mind. So, for any of my friends who are raising little ladies, these are some good points to hit!!!


  1. I am so grateful that you wrote this. Carl and I spent an afternoon recently to make a list for our "raising goals" for each child. I'm sure that when we share it with our girls that there might be the feeling that this is only what mom and dad want for them because we love them so much. I hope that by sharing this list along side ours, it will inspire them even more. It always helps when someone outside of the home is in agreement with our views. Thank you for doing this.

  2. This is awesome. We have been praying for our children's future spouses since before they were born as well. I love the idea of writing out the details so that they know what qualities we and others hope for in our children and their future mates.