Thursday, September 26, 2013

Order for Girls!

Placing an order for girls who...

Love and believe in the Lord,
Have a desire to win the lost,
Have a ready smile and a cheerful heart,
Are respectful,
Have a joyful spirit,
Know how to stand tall and work hard,
Are diligent and productive,
Are trained in how to run a house and raise kids,
Know how to cook good, healthy, homemade food (and lots of it!),
Are interested in having a family, maybe even a big one,
Just might be looking for some tall, handsome, godly young man to walk through life with.

My boys with be in the market for lovely ladies beginning in about 10 years and I figure it is as good a time as ever to let young ladies know what type of woman they may be looking for when that time comes!

I know this may seem silly and may have made you laugh a bit, which is the main goal :-),  but, honestly, I was thinking about it a couple days ago as we were eating dinner and realized once again how very important it is to be praying for my children’s spouses! It is not something to take lightly or leave to chance. We often talk with our boys and our daughter about the type of person they may look for as a potential spouse and these are some of the things we recommend our boys keep in mind. So, for any of my friends who are raising little ladies, these are some good points to hit!!!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Date Night for Two!

If you had been wandering through Safeway last night, you might have turned an inquisitive eye towards us as others were doing. Nate and I were enjoying our “date night” in the grocery store (not doing a stitch of “grocery shopping”) with Jonathan in tow! We felt like first time parents with our super cute little guy as were laughing our way through the store taking time to stop and laugh at cards we had no intention of buying, joking with each other about what we thought was “needed”, wondering, rather loudly, at the rotisserie chicken discarded in the middle of the cooking gadgets and raiding the clearance section. It was a wonderful evening!

What made it so great? I think it is because my guy has set that night aside to spend time with me, listen to me, do silly things like have a date in Safeway with me and I love it! He is such a hard worker, coming home from work most days and going to work on the house. It has been a challenge for me to give up that time and let him work without constantly badgering him to come and talk with me but I know it is necessary so I continue to try and do it cheerfully even though I don’t always succeed. The payoff is our wonderful night out when he listens and I talk... and talk... and talk... and talk... I am not saying I do my part of supporting his work excellently or that he is an angel but that in each of us giving we have found a wonderful time to refresh that seems to make up for all the evenings of work!

So early in out date night routine, we ran into a problem. We found out pretty fast that the only thing we really thought was good date material was going to a movie, having a treat and or going to Walmart. Now Walmart for a date is truly sad in my opinion. It certainly doesn’t rank very high on my list of favorite places but it did fill a need when it was Christmas shopping time so we spent some time there. We also tried out Baskin Robbins which left us feeling ill and not so great the next morning. Movies didn’t work out as there were usually no good ones or none we really wanted to see and how much chattering can a girl do in front of a large movie screen? Not much! Lately we have racked our brains in search of more enjoyable dates that don’t break the bank, leave us feeling ill, or bypass the point of it all. Here is a list of our ideas.

We took a walk on the beach about a month ago which turned out to be a great idea! The tide was high so we didn’t have much beach to walk on and the horseshoe crabs were there in great quantities making us wonder why they are protected. Overall, it was a wonderful time chattering and enjoying the fresh ocean breeze. Total cost: A wee bit of gas. Success at original purpose of date night: Great!

Another evening we decided to drive out to the shore, park in the rain and listen to an audio book on Romans together. This doesn’t sound too awfully romantic especially if you add in the fussy little one who was working on cutting teeth but it was important to both of us and a wonderful time to talk about God. As a woman I believe Nate is my spiritual head and so to have an opportunity to listen to his opinions and learn with him was very valuable! Total cost: A wee bit of gas. Success at original purpose of date night: Great!

Now, I can’t remember where this last idea for date night came from but it was a big hit around our house! I think it was the kids who first came up with the idea to turn our living room into a restaurant for the night. They busied themselves around the house making menus and printing them out, setting up the front desk where we would wait to be seated, setting a table complete with a restaurant style white table cloth, planning uniforms for the wait staff, and preparing all the dishes, appetizers and desserts. I called Nate in the afternoon and told him I had made reservations for 6:00 at a local restaurant I heard had really good, healthy food. He was quite happy and came home expecting to change and take me out. Instead, I ran out and hopped in his truck before he could pull into the garage and directed him on a five minute loop around the neighborhood. When we returned he had a pretty good idea what was up and we thoroughly enjoyed our dinner served by our giggling wait staff in their sharp uniforms. What fun! Cost: Nothing! Success at original purpose of date night: Great!

So, if you happen upon us in Safeway laughing our heads off at silly things with a baby in tow just smile and take your husband or wife out for a night to look silly and laugh too! It is worth it and so much fun!